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Everybody talks good and few works better but we deliver “THE BEST”

Since 2006 HEER PROPERTIES has been behind the success of the most prominent and esteemed players in the Real Estate World. Shaking hands with the pioneers and running the show we feel proud to be associated with the leading players.

Administering different projects in Mumbai & Navi Mumbai we diverse into comprehensive residential and commercial space solutions, catering to a varied consumer segment.

Primarily serving our clients we believe in caring for our customers as much as we do for our workmanship.

We  aim in creating waves not ripples in the realty market.



“We desire to be the only global ambassador for those who intend to sell either a residential or commercial project or urge to buy either one or bulk.”



We stand to network the clients, investors & developers together and assist them with the benign solutions for buying, venturing, selling any and every property.


 Strength Pillars – The 7 E’s:-

1. Employee

Our people are our biggest asset. We believe that a company is as good as the people it keeps. We introduce them to the most creative innovations and professional approach to enhance their and the company’s growth.

2. Entrepreneur

We believe to be the Entrepreneur of the decade and leave our mark on you by providing most valuable property solutions in the best ways.

3. Expansion

We are making rapid progress and we continue to expand our reach & scope of our offerings.

4. Empower

We empower our employees, clients, investors & developers with the right information, quality customer service and educate them to the concept of world class real estate.

5. Epitome

We are the epitome of elegance luxury, style & comfort.

6. Eternal

Your faith & credence assures our eternal existence.

7. Eminent

We are an eminent supplier of trust and confidence to all who are linked with us.



We assist the home seekers buy what they deserve and the home creators sell what they create.

This helps in anticipating the prevailing and future demand & supply in the market.

To illustrate it we explored the untapped & potential buyers by introducing an entirely new residential category – MID INCOME Luxury.



We believe in keeping promises.

HEER PROPERTIES gives you a 3600 solution to all your obstacles and hitches.


We give you:-

A] Sales & Marketing:-

The massive experience that we possess will be used to empower your brand and multiply your revenue.

Our team of Sales & Marketing professionals are well polished and hold strong roots in their arena.

We market you & augment your presence to the audience who are looking forward for the best residence or office space either on outright or on lease.

The team at HEER PROPERTIES believes, “The unity & the working relation of the team assigned on the project are of prime essence for the successful completion of any and every project. The existence of a strong knot in the team will ensure the successful and smooth completion of a challenging project within the promised frame of time. ”

We venture into sole selling of the whole project and also of your individual property.


B] Leasing:-

Our expertise spread across every nook and corner of the realty world. We undertake leasing of residential and commercial spaces and heighten your gains.Even if you are an individual holding any such space we would assist you and guide you to the best.


C] Finance for Housing, Developers, Corporate, Industries:-

We know the worth of your investment whether you are a buyer or a developer or you come from corporate or industrial background. The best of the financial services at the minimum time duration, quick and easy paper works and cheapest rate of interest will be availed to you.


D] Home insurance

Let your family owe the right of your love and security whereas for your home – TRUST US. We provide you with better and best insurance for your home comprising of easy formalities and relieving instalments.


E] Legal and Investors Advisory

We understand the price of your time and thus we assure you due legal assistance and also consult your investments to be dropped at the right place at the right time.


F] After Sales Services:-

Our main motive is your satisfaction and we go round the clock to achieve our motto.

“Your order is our command.”

We give you efficient and timely after sales services till the time you get your keys. Whether it is an ambiguity or any correspondence we make sure that we clear your all confusions and provide you an on date correspondence.


G] Referral programmes:-

We not only cherish your connection but also treasure your presence. You can enrol with us at any time in our referral programme if you are our existing client.

We in return award you with alluring gifts, rewards or rebates for your bookings.

We will keep you updated with the latest happenings , launches, events and promotional activities if any.

This will also help you to stay connected with your kith & kin.



Real Estate is the only field where your monetary gains multiply proportionately with your efforts. Also, it is a proven fact that real estate professionals enjoy the highest status in the community. We at HEER PROPERTIES take you ahead on such a career path propitiously.

Join us in this journey if you think you deserve the best.


MAHARERA Registration Number: A51700008348















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